Herefordshire Council Positioned to Embrace Progress in the Marches Region

Herefordshire Council Positioned to Embrace Progress in the Marches Region

Sep 4, 2023

Herefordshire Council is on the verge of confirming a collaborative partnership with neighbouring local authorities in England and Wales. This impending venture, known as the “Marches Forward Partnership,” is scheduled for discussion during the council’s cabinet meeting on Thursday, 28th September.

The primary objective of this partnership is to enhance inter-border connections, uniting Herefordshire Council with Shropshire Council, Monmouthshire County Council, and Powys County Council. Together, they aspire to secure government funding for substantial projects benefiting the Marches region, encompassing a significant portion (80%) of the English/Welsh borderland.

While each council will maintain its distinct identity and autonomy, they will work together on areas of mutual interest and advantage. These areas include transportation, housing, energy, climate change, and digital connectivity, addressing the common concerns of the region’s nearly 750,000 inhabitants.

Anticipated outcomes of this collaboration include an augmentation of government investments in the region, potentially unlocking substantial sums for initiatives that bolster the rural economy of the Marches and foster sustainable growth.

Councillor Jonathan Lester, Leader of Herefordshire Council, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership, emphasising its potential to collectively tackle significant challenges. He noted that this partnership builds upon existing cross-border cooperation within the Marches area. Given their shared challenges and objectives, collaborating with Shropshire Council, Monmouthshire, and Powys County Councils promises to be highly advantageous.

Furthermore, Councillor Lester conveyed that while the formal agreement among the four councils is set to be signed in October, Herefordshire Council remains open to future collaborations with other authorities and partners.


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